A5 paperback All my books are available in A5 paperback from Lulu. The prices vary with the number of pages.

A5 PDF Exactly the same A5 format as the paperbacks. Suitable for reading on a PC or tablet. Available from Lulu.  This has the proper feel of a good old-fashioned book.

Mobile-friendly PDF double column If you’ve got a narrow screen such as a phone it can be a pain doing left-right scrolling all the time. Double column format should eliminate that but comes with a bit of a penalty of occasionally ugly formatting.

Choice of formats Click here to compare PDF formats
or download free previews
and see which you prefer.

Wot no Kindle etcetera! Proprietary E-book formatting is an oxymoron and a pain to do. Technology has moved-on from lock-in Fisher-Price readers like the Nook, Kobo and Kindle. Any versions still lurking on the internet will fade away and won’t be be updated.