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An abandoned duke’s daughter with claw hand, club foot and bad eye grows up to be loved by her friends and feared by her enemies. Minda brings her charming personality, guile and determination to the sometimes violent Middle Ages as she builds her strength, overcomes her disabilities, forges bonds between blacksmiths, exposes criminals and creates a team of devoted servants and friendly allies to protect her. One moment she is a legend that fights lions, the next she’s dealing with the practical emotion of taking a murdered child back to its mother.

That’s half of the first book of five.

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This series might specially appeal to older teenager females as that’s the central character. However although she’s a great role model, there’s nothing ‘girly’… unless boys don’t do romance. She’s strong and ugly but people love her. There’s no swashbuckling, lots of hard work and occasional close-up violence.

Read these in sequence.

Volume 1 — Minda Grows Up

Rejected and disabled Minda grows up to be strong in every sense of the word, but she’s got a lot to learn about the world beyond her village. She has a knack of confronting enemies and making families.

Volume one has a particularly brutal page.
It’s preceded by a clear warning but
perhaps you should be 16 before reading it.
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Volume 2 — Minda Inherits

This continues the story with deadly attacks on Minda as she tries to establish her inheritance and place at court. Winter doesn’t help things but she uses her resourcefulness and team-building to stunning effect.

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Volume 3 — Minda Falters

Minda suffers a collapse through overwork. It’s not a good time as there’s rebellion in the air. We meet a bunch of teenage cadets (The Black Team) who prove themselves in bloody skirmishes and politics.

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Volume 4 — The Black Team Escapes

Book 4 focusses on The Black Team abroad ‘on holiday to keep out of trouble’. There is romance of course but their coup is to defeat a plot against the King of Lanconia. What were two bitching countries become friends as a result.

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Volume 5 — Steady Into The Storm

How is Minda ever going to find a husband and lasting love? Amongst urgent preparations to defend against the Pope, northern invaders and surly lords she and her organisation make progress through extreme efforts. There’s no war because Minda can threaten and act with secret force.

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