Non-fiction, Remote Electronic Working

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At present we have social networking but not productive networking. That’s like having the factory canteen without the factory.

Remote Electronic Working requires a new approach to the organisation and methods of enterprises. We already have a lot of the communications technology and now the task is to apply it based on social and group psychology.

Treems are teams of three which are interlinked in a tree structure. This scheme is used to minimise the number of people each person has to deal with in order that really close working relationships can be formed given the limitations of remote working. The top-level three-way split is between production, internal support and outward-facing branches.

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In a nutshell

  1. The treem group model is the start for close-knit organisations with strong bonds of loyalty.
  2. The three-branch structure gives us a way to place people in that part of an organisation to which they are temperamentally suited.
  3. Champions and Chiefs deal with maintaining the organisation and production respectively.
  4. Distractions and dissatisfactions are diverted away from working groups by Moots and the Grumbler to avoid disrupting the work flow and harmony.
  5. Research is needed into how people establish their identities and positions within the organisation.

The social and economic benefits are enormous

  1. More opportunities for individuals to participate, learn and earn.
  2. A more flexible workforce with rare skills more easily accessible.