Interesting people in interesting situations. I take you to whatever place and time so you’re beside the characters with the added bonus of a reader’s perspective to think about issues they, and you face.


Minda series Mediaeval teenage adventure
Who killed John Crowe Whodunit. 2009. Remote marshland Essex inspires community spirit
Future Light SF. Positive post-apocalypse management.
Time and again Light SF. 1980s time travel conundrums with an emerging dark side.
Good apple series 1920s policing, Dorset – Blackmailer helps Chief Constable
Freddy the teacher 2070s ending dystopia. Colchester – dealing with violence
She Who Must Be Sailed 2019 save the Earth challenge
Seamouth Saxophone Aspects of civilised dying driving world-wide reform
Desert Lighthouse Boys becoming men. 1860s Tashkent.
Model Murder Pensioners investigate Cold-war spying. Maldon, Essex
Legends Dubious Arthurian tales
Man with a voice Oddball introspection to odd success. Manchester 1960…
The man who thought he was evil 1950s England. Innocence to tough industrialist via romance and confrontation with the Russian secret service.


600 words per gallon Poetry
Not all fun Short stories, tableaux and essays
Meanwhile back on the planet Stories and poetry


Two man double act Friendship in turmoil

Non fiction

Treems How to implement remote working
Interesting words for interesting children Springboard for gifted and talented
Poetry for people who don’t like poetry How to enjoy good poetry. Especially for people who don’t like it. Poetry is-meant-to-be-bonkers.