Desert Lighthouse

Novel, Adventure for boys, SF, 1865, 'Tashkent'

Action for teenage boys. It’s about time we had something better than Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. It’s easy to follow but gradually the value of investigating, preparation and knowledge becomes clear.

How do boys become men? Why is wisdom cool? Read this gentle adventure in 1860’s South Central Asia to find out.

As boys there’s a lot of knowledge ‘just over the horizon’. As men we remember how our eyesight grew from pinpricks to slits then opened like a bud of understanding to bask in the nourishing rays of knowledge. From there into giant collectors of wisdom, and so to seed the next generation.

If you found a lighthouse while walking through the desert would you stop and find out more? If you knew the Russians were going to take over the town would you hurry away or use that knowledge to your advantage, and if so how?

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