600 Words per Gallon

Anthology, Poetry

From three-liners to seventy-liners this is an interesting collection of serious, witty and humorous poems mostly in the structured verse style.

Front cover

A small but interesting part is what I’ve called Trikus which are abstract Haikus. They’re not meant to capture a moment in time but suggest many things. For example:

The thinking stream
Drops escaping
Voice of all ages

Most people’s first reaction is confusion, but as with all three-liners the reader has to do the work. Let’s have a look. First impressions might be a picture of a mountain stream. But it thinks. So perhaps it is stream of thought? Perhaps it is different ways of thinking about the world with each generation following on from the previous. Are drops escaping splashes or is it hurrying away? At school we’re taught that youthful streams become torpid rivers. Or should we think of the millions of years streams have been chortling long before anyone was around to hear them.

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