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Poetry for people who don’t like poetry

Non-fiction, poetry, tutorial So much ‘poetry’ is utter crap, worthily boring, cheap doggerel or pretentiously incomprehensible that it’s no wonder many, if not most, people are put off. This book shows where the good stuff is, why it’s good stuff and why it’s special. It’s not for school children as it takes maturity to appreciate

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Meanwhile Back On The Planet

Anthology, Poetry, Short Stories, General writing Variety fun pack Lightweight short stories, longer short stories, poems and ‘heading towards poetry’. These were written during 2012 through to 2014. There’s a wide range of formats, genres and subjects including a 320 line ‘medieval poem’, a spaceship that plays All Things Bright And Beautiful, an imagined two

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600 Words per Gallon

Anthology, Poetry From three-liners to seventy-liners this is an interesting collection of serious, witty and humorous poems mostly in the structured verse style. A small but interesting part is what I’ve called Trikus which are abstract Haikus. They’re not meant to capture a moment in time but suggest many things. For example: The thinking stream

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